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PreviPharma opens new ‘Innovation Hub’ R&D facility in Mannheim

August, 2019

PreviPharma Innovation HUB

The need for innovative plasma-based therapies and a more efficient use of plasma donations is permanently increasing. The Innovation Hub is a result of PreviPharma’s Medical Innovation Platform on the road to becoming a leading research platform matching the highest demands for treatment of diseases with unmet clinical need.

‘We are delighted to further expand our MIP (Medical Innovation Platform) activities developing novel drugs to improve and save lives of patients with unmet medical need. PreviPharma’s choice of the UMM campus for this new facility reflects our approach of bringing together experts from medical, scientific, and commercial disciplines offering an excellent infrastructure and collaborative environment’, said Marc Mazur (CEO, PreviPharma).

PreviPharma’s new building in the middle of UMM campus, henceforth called Innovation Hub will add further capacity of 220 sqm to accommodate approximately up to 30 scientists and project related managers. In addition, it provides infrastructure such as meeting rooms with tele/video-conference opportunities, library facility, and a spacious lounge area to welcome our guests.

The existing PreviPharma premises in CUBEX 41 will now be fully dedicated for laboratory work, enabling the development of new processes and optimized analytics for a better, more efficient use of human plasma.


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PreviPharma attended Plasma Product Biotechnology Meeting 2019

June, 2019

This year’s Plasma Product Biotechnology Meeting, which had its twentieth anniversary was held in Sicily, Italy. It is one of the international key forums regarding the plasma fractionation industry and all of its aspects including manufacturing, clinical developments and technologic innovations.


PreviPharma aspires to participate in and shape the future of the plasma fraction industry by engaging in many cooperation’s with both, companies and academia. One of these cooperation’s with the University of Applied sciences in Bremerhaven concluded in an innovative and unique, analytical HPLC-MS/MS method, which PreviPharma presented as a poster during the conference.

PreviPharma plans to cooperate with legal authorities to implement this method as new standard in quality control of coagulation factor preparates.


Marc Mazur (left) and Dr. Stephan Kiessig (right) at the poster session.


The principle of the method comprises the measurement of indicative peptides to quantify and determine the quality of enzyme. The enzymes are denatured and digested by two proteases to generate comparable peptides. Coagulation factors that are already activated result in slightly different peptides due to the formation of an activation peptide or just an additional cleaving site. Those indicative peptides are then measured by LC-MS/MS analysis.

The proteins can therefore not only be quantified, it can also be differentiated between their states of activation due to the indicative peptides.

Scheme of the HPLC-MS/MS method. The indicative peptides allow a full quantitative and qualitative determination of a coagulation factor


You can download the full poster here.

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PreviPharma and Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich collaborate to share common platform to address unmet medical needs

May, 2019

PreviPharma has started an initiative to integrate partners from both academic and industrial set up, whose expertise, innovations and technologies offer significant advantages to address unmet medical needs. In this aspect, PreviPharma initiated a successful collaboration with Prof. Hans-Joachim Anders of University Hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich.


LMU Logo

Prof. Hans-Joachim Anders is the group leader, head of the Department of Nephrology and the Kidney Research Institute. He also contributed to numerous EU network programs as a work package leader including to REDDSTAR, NEPHSTROM, RELENT, Volkswagen Stiftung to name a few.


“We are very happy to collaborate with PreviPharma Consulting GmbH. The Medical Innovation Platform program has a clear vision of bringing academic and industry partners together and approaching unmet medical needs in a result-oriented way. PreviPharma’s deep experience with plasma proteins and good relationships into the pharma industry is unique and critical to identifing solutions for medical problems.”

Prof. Hans-Joachim Anders, LMU München


“PreviPharma’s MIP program is geared towards integrating research partners to jointly develop approaches to address and overcome unmet medical needs. We are highly optimistic that the combination of PreviPharma’s vision and Prof. Anders experience and expertise will bring changes in patient care and provide solutions of the medical needs.”

Dr. Satish Deverapu, Director Partner Management, PreviPharma


PreviPharma attended AI-conference “Zukunftsbar” at Technology Park, Heidelberg

April, 2019

ZukunftsBar Banner

The “Zukunftsbar”, a new networking platform initiated by the Technology Park Heidelberg and BioRN cluster attracted experts ranging from academia to industry to create new synergies for future. Interesting talks about the possibilities, short-comings and future outlooks of AI were held by Dr. Carsten Rother, the head of Heidelberg Collaboratory for Image Processing (HCI) and Dr. Jürgen Quittek, the managing director at NEC laboratories Europe.

ZukunftsBar Photo

Marc Mazur (CEO), Satish Kumar Devarapu (Director Partner Management) and Maurice Mandago (Senior Scientist) took the opportunity to learn about current applications of AI in the pharma sector and network with partner companies.


PreviPharma’s Medical Innovation Platform offers ways to identify new possibilities of using plasma proteins. Benefits for pharma companies include reduced time from idea to clinical trial and increased innovation success rates. PreviPharma already uses Business Intelligence as pre-stage of an AI-approach for the discovery of new uses of plasma proteins.


PreviPharma’s MIP-Discovery Approach

PreviPharma assesses new indications and “hidden gems” by using a feedback loop of data analysis and evaluation. The loop begins with the collection of literature from public domain, expert opinions, patient and market data and other sources of data. These data packages are matched and evaluated on the first level by AI to identify new deficiencies. Then, newly identified hits are evaluated by PreviPharma’s team of experts and key-opinion-leaders (KoL).


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PreviPharma initiates Preferred Partner Program with CoaChrom

March, 2019

PreviPharma has started an initiative to nominate important partners, whose innovations and technologies offer significant advantages to evolve and improve plasma fractionation. PreviPharma’s first pick goes to CoaChrom Diagnostica.  CoaChrom offers a large and steadily growing portfolio of analytical methods focused on coagulation and fibrinolysis. CoaChrom’s test kits and reagents are used for early diagnostics in protein discovery projects in PreviPharma’s Medical Innovation Platform (MIP) and for protein process developments in PreviPharma’s Technology Innovation Platform (TIP).

CoaChrom Diagnostica Logo


“We have found a very competent, innovative and reliable partner in CoaChrom. Their assays can be performed easily by our scientists, service quality is excellent and were already successfully transferred to customers around the world.”

Marc Mazur, CEO PreviPharma


“We are pleased to work with innovative research and service companies such as PreviPharma. Within in a few years, PreviPharma’s MIP has grown into a complete set of services that we can support with our assay methods. We look forward to working with the PreviPharma team in many innovative projects.”

Bernhard Kolmer, CEO CoaChrom


Furthermore, the innovative Thrombodynamics-4D system of CoaChroms partner company HemaCore allows a new level of understanding of coagulation and has been used by PreviPharma to evaluate the efficacy of newly-developed coagulometric and fibrinolytic drugs.


To learn more about PreviPharma’s Medical and Technology Innovation Platforms and how we can assist you in designing or optimizing your desired fractionation process using state-of-the-art analytics, provided by CoaChrom next-gen technology, please visit:

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Cooperation of PreviPharma & Fraunhofer

November, 2018

To save human lives, Mannheim researchers are developing new drugs from blood plasma. We met the scientific tandem Marc Mazur from PreviPharma and Dr. Jens Langejürgen from the Fraunhofer Project Group for Automation in Medicine and Biotechnology at the CUBEX41 Medical Technology Startup Center for an interview...



Forum Rare Diseases 2018, Berlin

November, 2018

Visit of Dr. Stephan Kiessig (Chief Medical Officer PreviPharma) and Marc Mazur (Managing Director PreviPharma) at the Forum Rare Diseases, Berlin (November 2018).