Management Team - Marc Mazur

Marc Mazur - Chief Executive Officer and President of PreviPharma
Phone (+49) 160 554 3490

Marc was born in Germany and studied at Pepperdine University (MBA Corp. Finance), California, USA. He has more than 15 years of Management Consulting experience in various industries including IT, Pharma and Automotive. As an Executive and Management Consultant at Volkswagen AG, Germany, he was responsible for the IT Governance groupwide and initiatives for sourcing processes.

He founded PreviPharma in 2007 by developing a technology platform for the isolation of IgG from human plasma, with significant yield and purity improvements. He defined PreviPharma's business model over the years and built a team of industry professionals and scientists as well as developed consulting and technological methods, IP and network across the industry to implement complex solutions and benefits for customers. He is acknowledged by plasma fractionators, technology providers and major Plasma Trade Association.

Marc Mazur