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PreviPharma‘s unique capabilities include research and technology services to the plasma industry. Relevant IP has been established for proteins/indications and technologies.


⬝ Laboratory, Mannheim

⬝ Plasma and Plasma Derivatives

⬝ Plasma Protein Process Knowhow and Analytics

⬝ Medical Knowhow

⬝ Proteom / AI Analytics

⬝ Experienced and Trained Staff

⬝ Medical and Technology Partner Network


⬝ Medical Innovation Platform (MIP)

⬝ Technology Innovation Platform (TIP)

⬝ Plasma Fractionation Services

PreviPharma IP

⬝ Multi-Organ Failure

⬝ Severe Infections

⬝ Gastrointestinal

⬝ Respiratory

⬝ Pediatric

⬝ Multi-resistant Bacteria

⬝ Other Plasma Proteins and Indications

⬝ Assay and Production Methods