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⬝  Experienced management team with significant plasma industry expertise

Marc Mazur,  Owner and CEO
Stefan T. Kiessig, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer / QA

Advisory board with executive experts from top players in plasma industry

Dr. Rainer Pabst
Prof. Dr. Albert Farrugia
Dr. Martin Hofmann

⬝ Additional experts in regulatory and protein development are complementing activities in external team


PreviPharma Team Foto
Foto Marc Mazur

Marc Mazur

Owner and CEO


Foto Stefan Kiessig

Stephan T. Kiessig, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer / QA



Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)


Foto Peter Prince

Peter Prince

VP Solution Implementation


Foto Annette Klinger

Annette Klinger, PhD

Director of Market Intelligence


Foto Dirk Müller

Dirk Müller, PhD

Director Process Development


Foto Tanja Wilke

Tanja Wilke

Director Finance & HR


Foto Satish Devarapu

Satish Kumar Devarapu, PhD

Preclinical Development


Foto Hanne Gerding

Hanne Gerding, PhD

Senior Scientist


Foto Ricarda Gruber

Ricarda Welz

Senior Scientist


Foto Maurice Mandago

Maurice Mandago

Senior Scientist


Foto Tina Berger

Tina Berger

Senior Scientist


Elena Willig



Foto Nidhi Patel

Nidhi Patel



Foto Phillip Quinn

Phillip Quinn



Foto Julia Mergenthaler

Julia Mergenthaler



Nicole Bugert

Research Assistant
& Quality Management


Foto Stefanie Sandmann

Stefanie Sandmann

Research Assistant


Caroline Kuhn

Research Assistant


Florian Cudyk

Research Assistant


Foto Julia Freundlich

Julia Freundlich

Research Assistant


External support for: 

⬝ specific plasma fractionation topics

⬝ legal, IP, and accounting matters