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Foto Marc Mazur

Marc Mazur

Founder, CEO and Owner

⬝ BA/MBA from Pepperdine University, CA, USA

⬝ Founder of PreviPharma.
13 years of entrepreneurial plasma industry background

⬝ Responsible for implementation of vision, MIP Platform, customer relationships, plasma fractionation and plasma supply, new product development services

⬝ 10+ years in management consulting (IT-Strategy, Procurement, Bus Dev)

Foto Stefan Kiessig

Stephan T. Kiessig, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

⬝ MD and PhD magna cum laude in Immunology, > 200 publications

⬝ 27 years in plasma protein industry, ten years in leading global plasma protein company

⬝ More than ten years leading management and C-level experience in various companies

⬝ Responsible for medical innovation, execution of MIP proteins, technology, and new product development services

⬝  Experienced management team with significant plasma industry expertise

⬝  Our Senior Scientists and Technicians share strong talent and experience in

Medical innovation
Preclinical research
Plasma handling and experimental capabilities
Assay development and execution
Commercial product know-how

Advisory board with executive experts from top players in plasma industry

Dr. Dirk Ehlers
Dr. Martin Hofmann (former CIO Volkswagen)
Dr. Rainer Pabst (former CEO Biotest Pharmaceuticals USA, Bayer, Hoechst)

⬝ Additional experts in regulatory and protein development are complementing activities in external team