Icon Medical Innovation Platform  MIP – R&D Outsourcing

PreviPharma proposes to outsource R&D to further explore indications and potentials.

Plasma Fractionator

1. Joint Strategy and Project Management

2. In vivo / MoA Studies Governance and selected Execution

3. In vitro Studies Governance

R&D Outsourcing

1. Joint Platform strategy definition

2. Studies

⬝ Diagnostic Patient

In vivo / MoA

In vitro

3. Process Development

4. Partner Management

5. KoL and Expert Integration

6. Market Research

7. Business Planning

8. Management of Platform

R&D Outsourcing


PreviPharma provides R&D outsourcing services for specific Therapeutic Areas. The project starts with a validation of an indication/protein idea generated by a Plasma Fractionator, other scientific sources or PreviPharma‘s MIP. Next steps include a validation of the idea/data. This is followed by setting up a Therapeutic Area competence center to develop a comprehensive set of study, research, market data. Project work can be in joint teams or conducted independently by PreviPharma.