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PreviPharma's MIP Services


PreviPharma offers a holistic service portfolio for the identification of the „early drug candidate“.

MIP Services Chart

Medical Research and Innovation Management

⬝ Medical strategy, Status analysis, Medical Community surveys, Proteom/AI analysis, Match Indication with Plasma Protein

Market Data Intelligence

⬝ Market definition, Studies, Competitor analysis

Diagnostic Patient Studies

⬝ „Mode of Action“ Studies

In vitro/in vivo studies

⬝ Study design / definition, Study execution

Protein Process Isolation and Process Development

⬝ Protein identification and extraction process development, Material for MoA Studies


⬝ All relevant analystics available at PreviPharma

IP Management

⬝ Patent writing and filing

Integration of Partners

⬝ Integration of Key Opinion Leaders, Implementation and Licensing Partners