Icon Plasma Services  Service Achievements

PreviPharma Service Achievements

Icon Medical Innovation Platform   Medical Innovation Platform

⬝ Substantial database established for novel plasma proteins and indications.

⬝ Developed 4 early stage processes for new proteins.

⬝ Conducted Patient diagnostic, in-vitro, in-vivo (MoA) studies.

⬝ Established skilled team of medical and scientific experts.

⬝ Close cooperation with medical and patient groups.

⬝ Collaborations with plasma fractionators


Icon Technology Innovation Platform   Technology Innovation Platform

⬝ Partnerships with leading technology companies established.

⬝ Co-developed several new chromatographic resins (e.g. Advanced Multi-Mode Gels, AEX, Affinity Gels).

⬝ Developed applications for plasma proteins IgG, Albumin, IgM, F.VIII / IX.

Icon Plasma Services   Plasma Fractionation Services

⬝ Developed various end-to-end processes with increased protein yields and quality

⬝ Developed several IgG processes with increased yields and quality.

⬝ Process transfer to clients and scale up support.

⬝ Execution of full range of Proteases Assays.

⬝ Evaluation of Patents and Publications.