Accelerated Candidate Development

Early drug candidate

Identifying plasma proteins for unmet medical needs.

PreviPharma strongly believes in the potential of plasma proteins. Our mission is to identify plasma proteins for unmet medical need at an early discovery stage – the early drug candidate. PreviPharma‘s Medical Innovation Platform consists of a unique portfolio of medical and laboratory capabilities and services. PreviPharma has developed methods to match indications and plasma proteins. Our research is structured in Therapeutic Areas such as Organ Failure, Severe Infectious Diseases, Chronic Inflamation, Pediatric Infections, Bone Metabolism or multi-resistant bacteria. For each Therapeutic Area, our expert team of scientific, medical or commercial experts develops a robust set of data coming from indication studies, market analysis, protein material development, Mode of Action studies or integration of relevant partnerships. Customer for this data are pharma companies or plasma fractionators.

Accelerated Candidate Development Process

PreviPharma provides a preclinical and clinical infrastructure to generate Proof-of-Concept data for Medical Use Cases. Find out more about the process in detail below.

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